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Our purpose is to provide essential services to children ages 3 to 18 years old in distress or in need of care, supervision, counseling and shelter in a Christian environment and to aid and assist children who are destitute, homeless, abandoned or otherwise in need.
Children that come to HYANG-AE Orphanage suffer from one basic inadequacy; they are unable to fulfill their essential needs within the confines of reality.

The key to fulfilling this basic inadequacy is through involvement with someone that genuinely cares for them.
HYANG-AE Orphanage seeks to help the students fulfill their essential needs through the proper combination of genuine concern and discipline.

This is carried out in three ways;
First, through building rapport and involvement with each individual student.
Second, through rejection of unrealistic behavior while maintaining an acceptance of each individual student.
Third, through instruction on better ways for them to fulfill their needs within the confines of reality.

HYANG-AE Orphanage accepts the premise that all individuals have the same basic psychological needs:the need to love and be loved, and the need to feel a sense of worth to oneself and others.

All individuals have the same basic needs, but all vary in their ability to fulfill those needs. With this in mind, HYANG-AE Orphanage seeks to provide a "Plan of Service" to meet the varying needs of each individual student.